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January 1:  Please uphold CSW’s work for 2015 in prayer. Ask God to strengthen each staff member in their different roles. Pray God equips them with every gift and skill they need.

January 2:  Pray for the CSW staff to build strong, affirming relationships with the people they meet when on country visits. Pray for the Advocacy team as it prepares for assignments in 2015 and advocates for religious freedom.

January 3:  At the heart of CSW is the Strategic Leadership Team – a group which makes decisions on strategy and operations. Pray God gives wisdom to the SLT to lead them through all the challenges and opportunities in 2015.

January 4:  Please pray for CSW’s leadership team and board members in 2015. Ask God to equip them with vision, wisdom and discernment.

January 5:  Pray for God’s blessing and guidance for CSW’s work in 2015.  Praise God for all the ways He used CSW’s staff, supporters, volunteers and Board throughout 2014.

January 6:  As CSW continues to be a voice for the voiceless in 2015, please pray God will direct and grow His work through us. Praise God for partners and supporters of CSW, speaking up for those who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus.

January 7:  Pray for God’s guidance in all planning so CSW can be an effective voice for the voiceless and a strong voice for religious freedom in 2015.  Praise God for the hope He gives each of us as we begin this new year.

January 8:  The Bible teaches us to pray for those in authority, and for just, fair governments. Dear God, we pray You would bless the world with righteous rulers.

January 9:  Please pray for peaceful elections in Nigeria in 2015. Pray for a just government to unite the nation, tackle corruption and protect the rights of all Nigerians, regardless of religion.

January 10:  Pray for Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and all government leaders to have the courage and strategy to address the huge challenges in Egypt, including securing religious freedom.

January 11:  Pray for peace in Syria. Dear God, we pray for the emergence of a just government that would unite the country and uphold the rights of Syrians of all faiths and ethnicities. Protect Your children under the shelter of Your wings.

January 12:  Pray the Power Sharing Agreement in Afghanistan would be successful. Pray the leaders of the new government would unite the country and tackle corruption.

January 13:  Pray for Interim President Catherine Samba-Panza of the Central African Republic that she would be able to build a country where people of all religions are safe.

January 14:  Pray Indonesia’s new president, Joko Widodo, would take concrete steps to protect Christians from the rising tide of religious intolerance.

January 15:  Almighty God, we lift up the nation of Pakistan into Your hands and pray for Your hope, light and truth to spread through the land. We pray for the grip of extremist forces to be loosened so peace can come to the Pakistani people.

January 16:  Pray God frustrates the plans of those spreading and teaching messages of hate against Christians in Pakistan. Lord, we pray for Your message of love and truth to spread across Pakistan.

January 17:  Pakistan has seen an increase in religiously-motivated violence in recent years.  Perpetrators are rarely brought to justice, and as a result, Christians are viewed as easy targets. Please pray for safety and peace.

January 18:  Pray for Shagufta Emanuel and Shafkat Kausar in Pakistan, a husband and wife sentenced to death on false charges of blasphemy. They are being held in separate prisons.

January 19:  Pray for justice and safety for a young Christian man, Savan Masih, and a Christian couple, Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kausar, in Pakistan. They have been sentenced to death for blasphemy and are being held in separate prisons.

January 20:  Pray for Christians in Pakistan to be shielded against messages of religious hatred that led to tragedies such as the 2013 church bombing in Peshawar. Pray for the Peshawar Christian community still suffering from injuries and trauma of the deadly bombing.

January 21:  Pray for the majority of Pakistani Christians who live at the bottom of society and cannot even imagine a life of equality and harmony within their community.

January 22:  Pray God continues to uphold the Christian communities in Lahore, Pakistan, especially the district of Yohannabad. They are surrounded by Islamic schools and mosques preaching extremism.

January 23:  Pray for Christians in Lahore, Pakistan: Joseph Colony, where over 3,000 people were forced to flee after homes were burned down by a violent mob in March 2013 and Yohannabad, a largely Christian, extremely poor area surrounded by extremist Islamic schools.

January 24:  Pray for efforts of interfaith harmony in southern Punjab province, Pakistan. Pray God uses our contacts Romana and Arif to build peace between communities. Thank God for the increasing fraternity between Christians and sympathetic Muslims.

January 25:  Please pray for Christians in Quetta, Pakistan, ostracized and threatened by Islamist extremist groups.  Pray for the safety of urban Christian communities who live in fear of arbitrary mob violence and intimidation.

January 26:  Pray for courageous Pakistani church leaders who continue their work despite grave risks.  Ask God to give wisdom to church leaders as they seek to free the falsely accused and restore those whose lives have been destroyed by religious extremists.

January 27:  Pray for unity in the Pakistani Church, especially for understanding between denominations and the less-organized house church movements.

January 28:  In Pakistan, there is a large gap between official government statements about religious freedom and the reality of life for Christians. Pray Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the government would act justly as they seek economic stability and safety for all citizens.

January 29:  Pray the Pakistani government would implement a Supreme Court judgment from June 2014 which would bring better protection for religious minorities.

January 30:  Pray for Paul Bhatti, an Advisor to the Prime Minister on Minorities Affairs in Pakistan. He’s received warnings that he will suffer the same fate as his brother, Shahbaz Bhatti, if he does not stop pursuing justice. Shahbaz Bhatti, Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs, was assassinated in 2011 for opposing blasphemy laws.

January 31:  Pray for the Pakistani government to avert any violence against Paul Bhatti and ensure the rule of law is upheld. Pray for protection for all those under threat of vigilante justice. The threat posed by Islamist militants is real and severe.