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DECEMber 2016

December 1:  Lord, we ask You to protect Your children in Cuba. Guard them in the face of harassment and violence, and change the hearts of those who want to force them out. Pray the Cuban government would no longer see Christians as a threat.

December 2:  Ask God to protect Pastors For Change, a group of Cuban pastors who are often threatened as they go about their business. Pray for protection of all church leaders who speak up for religious freedom and human rights in Cuba.

December 3:  Pray for Pastor Mario Felix Lleonart Barroso, a prominent human rights activist in Cuba. He and his wife, Yoaxis Marcheco Suarez, have fought tirelessly for religious freedom in Cuba, which has attracted attention from authorities. He was arrested and imprisoned during President Obama’s visit to Cuba in March.

December 4:  Pray for Rev. Yiorvis Bravo Denis in Cuba, as he fights to be recognized as the legal owner of his home, which is also the headquarters of the Apostolic Church Movement.

December 5:  Pray for courage and perseverance for all church leaders and activists defending human rights in Cuba. Pray for their children who are targeted at school because of their parents’ work.

December 6:  Ask God to give courage to Christian children at school in Cuba, who know that taking a stand for their faith could get them expelled. Pray for Christians whose daily lives consist of ridicule and harassment from authorities.

December 7:  Christians are suffering heavy-handed persecution in Cuba on a daily basis.Pray CSW’s advocacy work brings religious freedom for those suffering for their faith.

December 8:  Merciful God, we pray for Your Holy Spirit to permeate Vietnam. Please bring healing, understanding of Your love and radical transformation. By Your mercy and grace, bring a powerful spiritual revival.

December 9:  Almighty God, we pray for Your Church in Vietnam. Leg
islation makes it easier for authorities to limit the activities of Christian groups with official backing for their actions.

December 10:  Dear Lord, we thank You for the work of human rights defenders in Vietnam. Please protect Christians who are unjustly imprisoned and work powerfully for their release.

December 11:  Pray for imprisoned Christian human rights lawyer, Nguyen Van Dai. He was arrested on his way to the annual EU-Vietnam human rights dialogue. He’s one of many Vietnamese religious minorities being targeted by the government.

December 12: Pray for Le Thu Ha, Nguyen Van Dai’s assistant. She is in prison, facing a sentence of up to 20 years, and could be at risk of torture. Pray for her safety and release.

December 13:  Please pray for Tran Thi Hong and her family in Vietnam. Her husband is an imprisoned pastor. She's been repeatedly harrassed and abducted by Vietnamese authorities and severely beaten. Her son was arrested when he tried to stop one of the beatings.

December 14:  In May, Father Nguyen Van Ly was released early from prison in Vietnam as a goodwill gesture before President Barack Obama’s visit. Thank God for his release. Pray for his restoration and healing.

December 15:  Please pray for the nation of Syria. Ask God to pour out His peace on Syria and bring an end to the violence. Pray for government leaders to have wisdom from God to deal with the situation.

December 16:  Pray for all Syrians forced to flee their homes due to conflict. Almost 5 million Syrians have been forced to flee the ravaged country. Another 6 million have been internally displaced.

December 17:  Almighty God, You are the creator of heaven and earth. You have power   over every human being and over all nations. We pray for those in Syria taking a courageous stand for truth and justice in Jesus’ name.

December 18:  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described the plight of Syrian refugees as “the biggest refugee crisis of our time.” Pray for refugees living in unofficial camps, often with no sanitation, running water or basic services.

December 19:  Pray international governments would use their positions in the UN Security Council to push for an international investigation into genocide against religious minorities in Syria.

December 20:  Pray for protection, guidance and strength for churches, organizations and individuals seeking to meet the physical needs of those suffering in Syria. Pray those receiving aid would be touched by the love of Jesus.

December 21:  Tensions between different religions can lead to conflicts, especially over the Christmas season. Pray for understanding and peace between different religious communities. Dear Lord, protect those who have already been forced from their homes due to religious attacks.

December 22:  Please pray congregations of forcibly closed churches find safe places to celebrate Christmas in peace. Pray Christmas services are allowed to take place peacefully and that unjustly jailed Christians would be released.

December 23:  All over the world, Christians are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In some places, this season of joy will almost inevitably entail harassment, brutal attacks, and perhaps even death. Please pray for the safety of persecuted Christians.

December 24:  As you celebrate the birth of Christ, please pray for Christians who are particularly vulnerable at Christmas. Violent groups time their attacks on local Christian communities to coincide with Christmas celebrations.

December 25:  Almighty God, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for those who are unable to worship and celebrate in safety. Be close to them and protect them from all evil. We pray for peace in war torn areas and an end to persecution and violence.

December 26:  Pray for Christians facing increased harassment from local governments    during the Christmas season. Unfortunately, peace on Earth is a distant promise for Christians in many parts of the world.

December 27:  Pray for Christians in vulnerable communities worldwide to be a beacon of hope during the Christmas season. May they express God’s message of peace, love and salvation.

December 28:  Dear God, thank You for answering our prayers and guiding CSW's work in 2016. May all that is done to combat Christian persecution be to Your Glory and according to Your will.

December 29:  Thank God for His guidance through challenging times in 2016. Pray for CSW as strategies are planned to be a voice for the voiceless in 2017.

December 30:  Pray for all Christians imprisoned for their faith to be freed and for all unjust laws to be overturned. Please pray that 2017 would be a new dawn for religious freedom around the world.

December 31:  Pray for persecuted Christians who are feeling discouraged as they suffer for their faith in Jesus Christ. Pray they would be given renewed spiritual inspiration and courage in the New Year.