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August 1:  Please pray for CSW's work around the world, helping those working on the frontlines of religious freedom through training and capacity building.

August 2:  Pray for CSW advocates as they train lawyers, church leaders, activists and journalists. This training gives them the tools they need to document religious freedom violations and advocate for themselves.

August 3:  Pray for more opportunites to equip and support grassroots activists and leaders around the world who are working to bring change for religious freedom in their own country.

August 4:  Dear Lord, please encourage Your servants who are working for religious freedom in dangerous places to know they’re not alone. Give thanks for all of CSW’s partner organizations, who put themselves at risk to speak up for freedom.

August 5:  Thank God for the talents, gifts and passion of CSW's advocates who work tirelessly for religious freedom. Pray for their safety and strength.

August 6:  Praise God for all those who have been equipped and trained by CSW and who are working to advance religious freedom in their own countries. Pray for the Holy Spirit to embolden them and refresh their spirits.

August 7:  Please pray for more opportunities to train, equip and support those who are dedicated to campaigning for religious freedom in their own country.  Almighty God, awaken a new generation of leaders for Your glory.

August 8:  Thank God for the opportunities CSW has had to train over 450 people in the   last 18 months. Pray CSW’s training and work will continue to bear fruit.

August 9:  Pray for the activists who attend CSW's training to be refreshed and inspired by what they learn. Pray God continues to use the people we support and train for His glory.

August 10:  Pray for the safety of CSW's local partner organizations which put themselves on the line every day to speak up for religious freedom. Their support often comes with risks, especially in countries where helping religious minorities carries a good deal of danger.

August 11:  Thank God for the training CSW has been able to deliver to local partners, equipping them with skills to document and report human rights abuses. Pray for CSW’s work with local partner organizations to strengthen and be fruitful.

August 12: Almighty God, show us how we can serve our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Help us to be Your hands and feet in bringing them freedom and justice.

August 13:  Dear God, please open more doors for CSW to educate and advocate for Your Persecuted Church at the highest levels of the international community.

August 14:  Thank God for CSW’s international partners and contacts. Pray for His protection over them and guidance as they continue to work for religious freedom and justice in their local governments.

August 15:  Lord, we ask for Your blessing on the nation of India and pray it would become a leading voice for religious freedom.

August 16:  Pray for India to grow in prominence on the world stage as a leader of religious freedom. Pray they would be compelled to improve the human rights situation.

August 17:  Please pray for Christians in India, where living out their faith comes at a heavy price. Christianity is often not recognized as an official religion, causing them to be seen as outside of the law and outside of society. Church buildings are destroyed, church leaders imprisoned and believers are targets of horrific violence and torture.

August 18:  Pray for the anti-conversion laws in India, which are used to justify violence towards Christians, to be miraculously lifted and replaced with inclusive, tolerant legislation.

August 19:  Pray the international community would be moved to take strong action to hold Prime Minister Modi to his promises to tackle religiously-motivated violence in India.

August 20:  Pray CSW’s advocacy in India will bear fruit, and Prime Minister Modi will keep his promise to act strongly against religious violence.

August 21:  Pray the authorities in India would take strong action to send message that religiously-motivated violence will not be tolerated and that peace and tolerance are India’s priorities.

August 22:  In 2008, the Christian community of Kandhamal was devastated in a brutal attack which left 90 dead and forced over 54,000 to flee their homes. Pray that even now, seven years after the attacks, justice would be done for them.

August 23:  Pray for justice for the victims of the 2008 violence in Kandhamal, Odisha State in India.  Pray judges would have the courage to make decisions which may be unpopular in order to bring justice.

August 24:  Thank God for our partner organizations on the ground in India who work to   get food, medical supplies and legal support to victims of religiously-motivated violence.

August 25:  Please pray for unity and strength for the All India Christian Council, a network of thousands of Indian Christians working to protect the Christian community in India.

August 26:  Pray Christians would be able to live peacefully alongside Hindus in India. Pray God keeps Christians in India safe in the face of growing Hindu nationalism.

August 27:  Pray for safety for those accused of blasphemy in India, as these accusations can often lead to violence. Pray the voices calling for peaceful coexistence between different groups in India will be heard.

August 28:  Christian groups are increasingly reviled by Hindu extremists in India for their alleged conversion activities, which are seen to undermine the Hindu-based caste system. Pray for the Holy Spirit to bring peace to India.

August 29:  Please pray for pastors and churches in India that experience persistent attacks. Dear Lord, give them the strength they need to stand strong in their faith.

August 30:  Pray for church leaders in India as they dialogue with the Indian government, particularly in the shaping of laws to prevent and deal with religiously-motivated violence.

August 31:  Religious conversions are increasingly obstructed by legislation in India and widespread attacks are perpetrated against Christians at the hands of Hindu extremists in many states across the country. Dear Lord, we pray for protection upon Your children.