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november 2014

Photo: VOM

November 1:  Ask God to help His Church around the world to experience greater unity, especially in places where they face harassment, discrimination and persecution. Thank God for the power of prayer to change seemingly hopeless situations of persecution.

November 2: Today is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church in the US. Since 1996, churches around the world have united in prayer for the millions of Christians suffering harassment, torture, imprisonment and even death for their faith.

November 3:  Please pray for the worldwide Church to support all those facing discrimination and persecution because of their faith in Jesus. More people have died for their Christian faith in the 20th century than in all previous centuries combined.

November 4:  Give thanks for growing global coverage of religious freedom issues and pray it will be well-directed. Thank God for CSW’s good relationship with politicians of all parties and for their willingness to highlight religious freedom violations.

November 5:  Pray for the CSW Public Affairs team. It is at the heart of our advocacy work to ensure our concerns and recommendations on religious freedom reach those in a position to make a difference.

November 6:  Pray for the CSW Public Affairs team, based in London, Brussels and Washington, D.C. Pray their advocacy work with the UK government, US Congress and State Department, and other international institutions will be effective.

November 7:  Pray for the safety of journalists with whom we work worldwide, especially those at risk. Pray for guidance and wisdom in establishing new relationships in the media.

November 8:  Almighty God, we pray for Your Church in Vietnam. Legislation makes it easier for authorities to limit the activities of Christian groups, with official backing for their actions.

November 9:  Pray for safety and courage for Christians in Vietnam. Although the Vietnamese Communist government claims to respect religious freedom, many officials continue to harass and persecute Christians.

November 10:  Please pray for Christians in Vietnam forced to flee to other countries in the face of violence and threats. Pray for new Christians facing pressure from hostile neighbors to leave their homes.

November 11:  Give thanks for Vietnam’s decision to sign the UN Convention against Torture. Pray this reflects a genuine commitment to end the practice of torture.

November 12:  Praise God for new initiatives by courageous religious leaders inside Vietnam, drawing attention to human rights abuses. Pray for the families of imprisoned Christians who often face financial and social difficulties.

November 13:  July 2014 saw the realization of a long-postponed visit to Vietnam by the UN Special Reporter for freedom of religion or belief. Pray this visit results in positive changes and religious freedom for the Vietnamese people.

November 14:  Pray for Father Nguyen Van Ly’s health and for his release from prison in Vietnam. He is serving an 8-year prison term despite having suffered several strokes.

November 15:  Lord, we pray for the nation of Cuba. Please work in the hearts of government leaders to bring about a future of peace and respect for religious freedom. Pray for those who oppress religious freedom in Cuba to become channels for peace.

November 16:  Pray for the Church in Cuba, courageously living out their faith under daily threats. Pray for the Gospel to spread, so Cuba will be freed from all tyranny and oppression.

November 17:  Please pray for Rev. Mario Barroso, a Cuban church leader and human rights activist speaking up for religious freedom. He’s been repeatedly arrested and harassed by the Cuban government.

November 18:  Pray for protection of Rev. Mario Barroso, his wife Yoaxis and their two daughters, Rocío and Rachel, as he speaks up for human rights and religious freedom in Cuba.

November 19:  Give thanks for others in Cuba, like the Ladies in White, whose faith compels them to speak up for human rights. Pray the Cuban government will make real advancements in religious freedom for all.

November 20:  Please pray for the Ladies in White, who silently walk through the streets in Cuba to demonstrate for freedom. Even these acts of peaceful protest make them a target for persecution from the government.

November 21:  Pray for the courageous Ladies in White who have faced beatings, arrests and harassment in Cuba. Please pray for their protection as they speak up for freedom in peaceful ways.

November 22:  Pray for transformation of the hearts and minds of powerful government leaders in Cuba. Dear God, change their hearts, so they will work for a peaceful democracy while protecting the rights of all their citizens.

November 23:  Pray for churches of all denominations in Cuba who have been targeted in 2014.  Pray for church members who have been arrested or prevented from attending church services.

November 24:  Pray that dialogue between Cuba and the EU would lead to significant improvements in human rights. Pray for concrete actions for religious freedom in Cuba.

November 25:  Dear Lord, please bring an end to the persecution of Your Church in Cuba. We ask that You would enable Christians in Cuba to worship and speak about You in full freedom without fear of persecution.

November 26:  Thank You God for the blessing of being able to worship in peace in the United States. Help us to be ever grateful for our freedom to worship and never take it for granted.

November 27:  We praise You God, on this day of Thanksgiving. Thank You for Your provision and constant, loving care. Thank You for the privilege we have to lift up our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ through prayer.

November 28:  Please pray for leaders of the Apostolic Movement, a Cuban protestant network, and other denominations which the government refuses to register.

November 29:  Pray for CSW’s Latin America Advocacy Officer to have wisdom as issues are raised at the EU, UN and US Government.  Pray for measurable progress in the area of human rights and any new bilateral agreement with Cuba.

November 30:  Ask God to give wisdom and inspiration to Christian leaders and pastors in Cuba as they negotiate the politics around them and try to do their best for their congregations.