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Photo: VOM

December 1:  Urgent prayer is needed for the nation of Nigeria. It is facing a transnational and existential threat from the terrorist group Boko Haram and its allied offshoots. Pray for all possible assistance to be rendered to this nation.

December 2:  Ask for God’s mercy upon Nigeria. Pray for wisdom for its leaders, so the nation can unite against an enemy that threatens its very existence. Pray for peace among Muslims and Christians.

December 3:  A terrifying rise in religiously-motivated violence in Nigeria has cost 50,000+ lives since 1999. Pray for Christians in Nigeria, whose daily life consists of underlying chronic discrimination and tension which periodically erupts into deadly, organized violence.

December 4:  Ask God to strengthen and encourage the Nigerian military, and to expose those who are assisting the insurgency. Pray for Nigeria’s government leaders to have God’s wisdom as they work to contain terrorist groups.

December 5:  Please pray for the safe release of hundreds of innocent civilians in Nigeria who have been kidnapped by Boko Haram. Pray for villagers who have fled Boko Haram’s attacks to be able to return to their homes or find safe refuge.

December 6:  Ask God to change the hearts and minds of leaders and members in the terrorist group Boko Haram and the Fulani herders, so they will embrace peace.

December 7:  Thank God for countries that have pledged assistance to Nigeria. Pray for world leaders to seek God’s wisdom to provide for Nigeria’s burgeoning number of internally displaced people.

December 8:  Pray against any upsurge in religiously-motivated violence in the run-up to Nigeria’s elections in 2015.  Pray for Nigerian Christians to be safe in the power of the Lord and a witness for God’s love and peace.

December 9:  Pray for all churches in Nigeria to be able to worship free from the fear of violence. Pray for God’s protection upon all those targeted by Boko Haram.

December 10:  The US government designated Boko Haram and Ansaru as terrorist groups. Pray Nigeria receives all possible assistance to tackle terrorism from the international community, particularly from neighboring countries.

December 11:  Pray for a change of heart for members of Boko Haram and Ansaru; that they would stop attacking innocent citizens. Pray for an end to all violence.

December 12:  Pray for families of those killed during terrorist attacks in Nigeria. Please pray for justice and for the perpetrators of these crimes to be held accountable.

December 13:  Dear Lord, grant lasting peace to the nation of Nigeria. Comfort all who mourn, heal all those who have been injured, and restore families separated by violence.

December 14:  Almighty God, sustain and strengthen Your children in Nigeria, filling them with Your joy and forgiveness. We pray for justice and an end to the terrible violence taking place.

December 15:  Pray for those who have been forced to flee their countries because of religious persecution, war or violence. Pray for wisdom and effective strategy for the international community to defeat ISIS, which is trying to create an Islamic caliphate.

December 16:  Please pray for Christian families who have fled their homes due to war and religious persecution. Pray for safety and provision for those forced to flee to other regions within their own countries.

December 17:  Pray for protection and strength for new Christians who are often intimidated and forced to relocate to another part of their country in order to live in safety.

December 18:  Christians in Muslim countries are often vulnerable to arrest, torture or death, simply for their faith. Please pray for safety from accusations of apostasy.

December 19:  Ask God to give spiritual and emotional strength to the wives and families of pastors who are in prison because of their faith.

December 20:  Pray for Christians in vulnerable communities worldwide to be a beacon of hope during the Christmas season. May they express God’s message of peace and reconciliation.

December 21:  Please pray for peace in areas of war, as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Pray any plans for terrorist attacks on Christmas church services would be stopped.

December 22:  Pray for congregations of forcibly closed churches to find safe places to celebrate Christmas in peace. Pray Christmas services would be allowed to take place peacefully and that unjustly jailed Christians would be released.

December 23:  All over the world, Christians are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But for thousands, this season of joy will almost inevitably entail harassment, brutal attacks, and perhaps even death. Please pray for their safety.

December 24:  As you celebrate the birth of Christ, please pray for Christians who are particularly vulnerable at Christmas. Violent groups time their attacks on local Christian communities to coincide with Christmas celebrations.

December 25:  Pray for Christmas celebrations to take place peacefully with no arrests or violence. Ask God to protect Christians from being accused of ‘illegal evangelism’ for inviting people of other faiths to Christmas celebrations.

December 26:  Pray for political stability and reconciliation between Muslim and Christian communities. Pray for peace, understanding and goodwill between Christians and their Muslim neighbors.

December 27:  Thank God for huge achievements for the Persecuted Church in 2014. Pray for the release of many more Christians, imprisoned for their faith, and more unjust laws to be overturned in 2015.

December 28:  Thank God for His guidance through challenging times in 2014.  Please pray for CSW as we set directions and strategy to be a voice for the voiceless in 2015.

December 29:  Pray for persecuted Christians who are feeling discouraged as they suffer for their faith. Pray they would be given renewed spiritual inspiration and strength in the New Year.

December 30:  Thank God for the hope and opportunities which the New Year brings. Pray for CSW to be incredibly effective for religious freedom in 2015.

December 31:  Pray for all Christians imprisoned for their faith to be freed and for all unjust laws to be overturned. Please pray that 2015 would truly be a new dawn for religious freedom around the world.