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APRIL 2014

Photo: VOM

April 1:  Please pray for Christians in Vietnam who are often regarded as enemies of the state because they obey God - a higher authority. Dear Lord, protect them in the face of intimidation and fear.

April 2:  The Communist authorities in Vietnam are extremely hostile to Christians, whom they perceive as a threat to national security.  Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who face severe isolation because of their faith, and intense pressure to renounce their faith.

April 3:  The UN urgently needs to investigate the true situation in Vietnam. In parts of Vietnam, local officials are determined to stop the spread of Christianity. Pray for protection and safety of Christians living in daily fear.

April 4:  Pray for Professor Heiner Bielefeldt, the UN’s Special Reporter on Freedom of Religion or Belief. It is his job to visit countries around the world to report on whether they allow people to choose and change their religion freely, and worship in peace.

April 5:  Ask God to change the hearts of Vietnamese government officials, so they will confirm a date for the UN Special Reporter on freedom of religion or belief to visit Vietnam. Pray for Professor Heiner Bielefeldt as he champions freedom of religion.

April 6:  Pray the government of Vietnam will cooperate fully with the UN before, during and after Professor Heiner Bielefeldt’s visit.

April 7:  Pray for Vietnamese Christians and churches who are fighting official pressure from the government as they try to spread the gospel.

April 8:  Ask God to protect CSW’s partners and contacts within Vietnam, whose work often puts them at great risk.

April 9:  Please pray for protection of Christians and their families in rural Vietnam who are under pressure to recant their faith.

April 10:  Dear Lord, we pray for Your protection upon Christians suffering for their faith in Vietnam. We pray for Your power and comfort upon them to live boldly in the name of Jesus. May Your Church continue to grow, becoming a bright light of hope in this dark nation.

April 11:  Almighty God, we ask You to work in the hearts of Vietnamese officials, moving them to repent of their injustice toward Christians, and to act with compassion on their behalf.  Please encourage and set free those being unjustly accused and imprisoned for their faith in You.

April 12:  Pray for local and regional officials in the Vietnamese government, that they would respect and uphold religious freedom. Open the hearts and minds of the leaders in Vietnam to the injustices taking place.

April 13:  Dear Lord, please protect and guide Christians in Vietnam, fleeing to Laos to escape persecution. Many are forcibly returned and homeless. Comfort them with Your peace and provide for their needs.

April 14:  Merciful God, we pray for Your Holy Spirit to permeate Vietnam. Please bring healing, understanding of Your love, and radical transformation. By Your mercy and grace bring a powerful spiritual revival upon the Vietnamese people.

April 15:  As we approach Easter, we are reminded of the suffering of Jesus. Please pray for Christians and others around the world who endure harassment and violence for their faith in Jesus. Pray for four Christians in Iran who were sentenced to 80 lashes for taking communion.

April 16:  Easter reminds us that Jesus suffered alone for our sins. Pray for those who have been abandoned by friends or family because of their faith in Jesus. Ask God to comfort the families of those who have been killed because of their religious beliefs.

April 17:  Pray for Christians who were falsely accused to cover up the fact they were imprisoned for their faith. Pray for protection over all Easter services taking place this weekend.

April 18:  Let us remember Christ’s words before He went to the cross: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33. Praise God!

April 19:  As we remember the act of sacrifice Jesus made for us, remember all those who follow in the footsteps of His suffering. May they know the peace, comfort and presence of God.

April 20:  Lord Jesus, today we celebrate Your resurrection and the eternal hope we have in You. As Your Church unites in celebration today, restore and renew hope for all those who are suffering for their faith.

April 21:  Almighty God, we lift up to You the nation of Cuba. We pray You will move through the Cuban government, so it would rule with mercy and justice. We pray for Your Church in Cuba to be able to worship freely without fear or intimidation.

April 22:  The situation for many church leaders across Cuba appears to be growing steadily worse. They face constant intimidation and harassment from the authorities. Pray for Cuban pastors as they confront the Cuban government to respect and protect their right to worship freely. Ask God to give wisdom to Christian leaders as they work with authorities and lead their congregations.

April 23:  Pray for Pastor Jesus Hernandez and his congregation. In February 2013, their church, the Full Gospel Church in Havana Province, was forcibly closed. Cuban authorities closed the church and confiscated everything inside it, leaving more than 200 people without a place of worship.

April 24:  Pray the congregation of the Full Gospel Church in Havana, as it tries to find another place to worship after being forced out of its church building. Dear Lord, protect and guide them in the search for a new church building.

April 25:  Thank God for Cuban Christians who hold onto their faith despite the challenges they face. Pray for strong relationships between different denominations in the Church in Cuba.

April 26:  Pray Christians in Cuba would be allowed to encourage each other peacefully without fear of attack. Please pray for prisoners of conscience in Cuba to be released from jail, reunited with their families and allowed to practice their faith freely.

April 27:  Pray for CSW’s Latin America team as it works to bring to light cases of religious freedom violations. Pray the international community would continue to put pressure on Cuba to improve its human rights record.

April 28:  Ask God to help each church in Cuba to stay strong under increasing pressure from the government.  Pray for church leaders who are facing the highest levels of intimidation in 20 years. Dear God, please give wisdom and protection to Your Church in Cuba.

April 29:  Pray for Christians in Cuba to have renewed strength and a fresh filling of love toward those who persecute them.

April 30:  Please pray for Christians in Cuba who experience discrimination and harassment on a daily basis in their schools and workplaces. Pray for true religious freedom to flood the nation of Cuba.