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January 2017

January 1: Thank God for the many doors He opened for CSW in 2016. Pray 2017 will be filled with more divine appointments, speaking engagements, conferences, and meetings with influential figures.

January 2: Looking back at 2016, we are humbled to see God's power displayed in many answered prayers. Thank God for all He's accomplished through CSW. Pray for guidance in 2017 to bring worldwide religious freedom.

January 3: Praise God for CSW leaders, who work tirelessly for religious freedom all over the world. Please pray for them as we head into a new year full of new challenges.

January 4: Pray for CSW’s leadership and staff to have wisdom and vision as they seek to foll
ow God’s lead in 2017.

January 5: In 2016, God delivered people from prison, raised the profile of religious freedom and empowered CSW to work at the very highest political levels. Pray for CSW's senior leadership team as it considers how to advance the cause of religious freedom in 2017.

January 6: Please pray for CSW's partners around the world. Pray God would protect and bless them and their work in this coming year.

January 7: Thank God for the hope and opportunities which the New Year brings. Pray for CSW to be an effective voice for the voiceless and for worldwide religious freedom in 2017.

January 8: Please pray for the nation of Chile. It is one of the newer countries that CSW is working in. Though human rights are generally protected, there have been recent attacks on churches, mainly in the La Araucanía region.

January 9: The Chilean government was initially reluctant to launch an investigation into the recent church attacks. Pray for justice in the search and capture of the culprits.

January 10: Please pray for the congregations whose buildings have been burned down in Chile. Pray they are able to find somewhere safe to worship.

January 11: Pray for the safety of Christians in Chile as arson incidents continue. CSW is just starting work in Chile, as we gather more information to help the churches there, pray God provides the resources needed to make our work more effective.

January 12: Some of the more recent attacks in Chile have gone further than arson attacks on churches, with violence against the congregation. Pray this new trend would stop completely, and there would be no more attacks.

January 13: The churches remaining in the La Araucanía region of Chile are fearful that their church might be next in line for an attack. Dear Lord, comfort and protect them during this uncertain time.

January 14: God, please watch over Your Church in Chile, now living under fear of attack. Protect Your children and bring the perpetrators to justice soon.

January 15: Pray for God’s blessing upon the nation of Pakistan, pouring out healing, hope and forgiveness in abundance. Pray for Pakistan to become a nation where people of all faiths can live in safety and peace.

January 16: Many schools in Pakistan teach history, literature and even science in a way that encourages discrimination against other religions. Pray for children in Pakistan to be able to learn without biased teaching.

January 17: Pray for God to strengthen and minister to non-Muslim children in Pakistan who experience discrimination in the classroom. May He accelerate reform of the education curriculum to rid textbooks of biased material.

January 18: Pray for the survivors of the 2016 Easter Sunday bomb attacks in Lahore, Pakistan who are still living with the consequences. Dear Lord, heal their wounds and minister to their hearts.

January 19: Pray for Michelle Chaudhry, a CSW partner and prominent human rights campaigner in Pakistan. Michelle and her team are helping survivors of the Easter Sunday bomb attacks in Lahore. Pray for practical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who lost loved ones in the attacks.

January 20: Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are often used to settle personal scores and incite violence. A blasphemy accusation can often result in a death sentence. Pray these laws will be repealed and that God would protect those falsely accused of blasphemy in Pakistan.

January 21: Please pray for Asiya Noreen, better known as Asiya Bibi who was falsely accused of blasphemy in Pakistan, and has been imprisoned on death row since 2009.  Asia Bibi is a Christian mother of five. Pray for her health and soon released from prison.

January 22: Forced marriage and conversion is a real problem for Christian girls in Pakistan. They are abducted by Muslim men and forced to marry against their will, automatically becoming Muslim. Pray for their protection and escape from these unlawful marriages.

January 23: In Pakistan, young girls are abducted, forcibly married and converted to Islam (similar to situation in Nigeria). Please pray these girls would be returned home safely and that God would protect them in this dangerous situation.

January 24: Pray that Pakistan would become a nation where people of all faiths can worship freely. Dear Lord, please bring Your peace to this divided country and lay Your hand of protection over those living in fear.

January 25: Please pray for the nation of Sudan. Pray equality of citizenship becomes a reality, bringing an end to racial and religious discrimination. Over 97% of Sudan is Muslim, and Sudanese Christians face daily persecution.

January 26: Pray for Sudan, which has long been a country of focus for CSW. In recent years, the Sudanese authorities have intensified campaign against Christians; seizing churches, forcing foreign Christians to leave the country and imprisoning Christian leaders.

January 27: Pray for the release of Rev. Abduraheem, Rev. Shamal, Mr. Jašek and Mr. Abdumawla, in detention since their arrests in Sudan. They are falsely charged jointly with at least seven crimes. Their trial has been subject to several postponements and delays.

January 28: While being a Christian in Sudan is extremely difficult, being a church leader is even more so. Some leaders must report daily to the security services – a process which can last all day. Please pray for strength and protection for church leaders in Sudan.

January 29: Please pray for wisdom and strength for CSW advocates working on behalf of those facing oppression because of their faith in Sudan. It is often very complex work.

January 30: Lord, we pray for the Church in Sudan to prosper and be a source of light and hope. We pray for the Sudanese government to end its campaign of harassment against the Christian community.

January 31: Dear God, we lift up the nation of Sudan to You. Please draw alongside all those who are suffering because of their faith. Protect them Lord and shower Your mercy and compassion on them.