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MAY 2015

May 1:  The UK will hold a general election May 7. Please pray the elected party will speak up to secure and protect religious freedom.

May 2:  Ask God to give wisdom to all parliamentary candidates in the UK general election so they would be voices of justice, freedom and truth.

May 3:  Please pray the new UK government will take a strong stand in speaking up on religious freedom issues around the world.

May 4:  Pray Christians across the UK would build relationships with their parliamentary candidates and encourage them to protect and uphold religious freedom.

May 5:  Pray for Christian MPs, Peers and civil servants in the UK. Ask God to use them to fulfill His purpose.

May 6:  Pray God raises godly men and women within the political system in the UK to speak for truth and justice. Thank God for the work of Bishop Angaelos, who leads the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre in the UK.

May 7:  Dear God of justice, we pray You would end unjust situations worldwide and bring peace to Your children suffering persecution.

May 8:  Lord, we ask for Your blessing on the nation of India and pray it would become a leading voice for religious freedom. Pray for India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, who promised his government would give equal respect to all religions.

May 9:  Perpetrators of communal violence in India often go unpunished due to state negligence or complicity. Pray victims of communal violence can access justice and that perpetrators are brought to justice.

May 10:  Please pray Prime Minister Narendra Modi would not introduce discriminatory legislation that would violate freedom of religion in India. Pray he will fulfill his promise to combat the religious hatred breaking out across India.

May 11:  Pray India’s government drafts legislation to prevent, control, and deal with communal violence. Pray that problematic anti-conversion legislation in certain states would be reformed or repealed and would not be extended into other states.

May 12:  Pray for CSW’s partner, the All India Christian Council, as it seeks to find ways to raise religious freedom concerns with the government. Pray the work of CSW South Asia team is fruitful as it builds the capacity of human rights defenders in South Asia.

May 13:  Please pray for Christian communities in India. Christian schools have been attacked, churches vandalized or demolished, and missionaries detained and beaten. Pray for Muslim-background Christians in Bangladesh who are afraid to identify publicly as Christians.

May 14:  Pray for victims and their families in India, affected by the communal violence that erupted in Muzaffarnagar (2013) and the ongoing systematic attacks on religious minorities in Karnataka State.

May 15:  Almighty God, we lift up to You the nation of Egypt, which continues to struggle with political turmoil. Please pray for Christians in Egypt, who have suffered waves of harassment and persecution in recent years.

May 16:  Pray for Egypt’s 10 million Copts, the largest Christian community in the Middle East. Ask God to protect Coptic Christian Communities in upper Egypt where people are being kidnapped, land seized, and businesses and homes attacked.

May 17:  Ask God to grant wisdom to CSW’s advocacy officers as they respond to the changing landscape in Egypt.

May 18:  Pray for protection and wisdom to Pope Tawadros of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Patriarch Sidrak of the Coptic Catholic Church, Bishop Mooneer of the Anglican Church, Pastor Sameh Maurice of Kasr el Dobara Evangelical Church and other church leaders in Egypt.

May 19:  Pray for Keroles Shawky Atallah, the 29-year-old Coptic Christian in Egypt convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to six years in prison for ‘liking’ a Facebook page for converts from Islam.

May 20:  Ask God to provide new buildings for Christians in Egypt who are still without churches after they were destroyed following the removal of former President Morsi in August 2013.

May 21:  Please pray that justice will finally come for victims of the attack on the church in Alexandria, Egypt in 2010. Pray for strength both physically and emotionally.

May 22:  Pray for Mohammed Hegazy, an Egyptian Christian who tried in 1998 to change his religious affiliation on his official identification card and was imprisoned in 2014 on charges of ‘defaming Islam’.

May 23:  Pray for Christians in Egypt to be able to live in freedom and peace. Pray that newly elected parliament would uphold the Egyptian constitution and secure equal citizenship and freedom of religion or belief.

May 24:  Please pray for the nation of Burma. CSW is deeply concerned about a dramatic increase in religious intolerance in Burma. Pray the Burmese government takes action to end rising religious tension and to promote respect for religious freedom.

May 25:  Pray the Burmese General Elections, due to take place in Fall 2015, will be peaceful, free and fair. After 50 years of military-backed regimes, these will be just the second ‘free’ elections in recent history.

May 26:  Religious tensions are on the increase in Burma, with violence by militant Buddhists escalating. Ask God to bring an end to hate speech, intolerance, discrimination and violence in Burma.

May 27:  Pray the reform process, as well as the negotiations with ethnic armed groups, would get back on track, resulting in real change for all of Burma’s people.

May 28:  Thank God for the progress that has been made over the last few years on Burma’s path to democracy and openness.

May 29:  Please pray for comfort and healing for the families who have lost loved ones in the terrible ethnic violence in Burma.

May 30:  Thank God for the Mandalay District Christian Fellowship as it seeks to model unity to Christians in Burma. Thank God for religious leaders who have become increasingly outspoken against religious freedom violations in Burma.

May 31:  Pray for the training of leaders in Burma to advocate effectively for their rights. Pray they can work with the media and formally document human rights violations against their communities.