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JuLY 2016

July 1:  Pray for the millions of Christians around the world who are unable to live their faith freely, without fear. We ask, O Lord, that You would give them courage and strength to triumph over the trials they face.

July 2:  Pray for all those who bravely protest and risk their own safety to pursue religious freedom and justice. May God guide them with His wisdom and bless their efforts for His glory.

July 3:  Almighty God, as we worship in freedom, we pray for Christians who are imprisoned for their faith in lonely, solitary confinement. Be their joy, comfort and strength.

July 4:  Praise God for the freedom we still have in the United States to speak out against injustice and religious persecution. Dear Lord, please help us to make the most of every opportunity to use our voices to secure freedom for the voiceless.

July 5:  Praise God for the blessing we have in the United States to attend church in peace and freedom to worship without fear. Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ who do not have this freedom. Lord, please encourage them in all their adversities and assure them of our prayers for them.

July 6:  Dear Lord, we pray for continued favor upon CSW with journalists, so that the voices of persecuted Christians can be heard. We give thanks for journalists and media that cover religious freedom issues and ask God to continue His work through them.

July 7:  Praise God for politicians and other decision-makers around the world who support religious freedom. Thank God for the support of those working with CSW to end persecution and oppression.

July 8:  Please pray for Burma, a nation in transition. Pray for Burma’s new president, U Htin Kyaw, as he takes office as the first civilian president in over 50 years. Pray for God’s peace and stability in Burma.

July 9:  After 50 years of oppressive military dictatorship, the first reasonably free election in 25 years took place in Burma. It’s an incredible step of progress for a country torn apart by civil war for centuries. Pray for safety of Christians in Burma during this time of transition.

July 10:  Pray for Burma as it transitions to a new government. Pray the recent election brings positive changes for Christians in Burma who face discrimination and violence.

July 11:  Please pray Burma’s new government passes laws so people of all faiths can live together peacefully. Pray for political reforms to improve religious freedom and human rights which will lead to lasting change for all Burma’s citizens.

July 12:  Pray for a smooth transition in government that would mark the beginning of a new era of peace in Burma. Pray for all restrictions and obstacles preventing the political reforms from progressing are lifted.

July 13:  While the election of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party was an amazing victory, the military controlled Burma for decades and remains very powerful. Pray for God to secure Burma’s future as a country of peace.

July 14:  Pray for wisdom for Aung San Suu Kyi in her capacity as Burma’s new Foreign Minister and the ruling party’s State Counsellor. It will be challenging to steer the country from decades of oppression to true democracy.

July 15:  Pray for peace in Iran, both internally and with its neighbors. Pray it would become a nation where each ethnic and faith group can live in peace with its neighbor.

July 16:  Please pray for God to reveal Himself to Iranian authorities and draw them to the Truth found only in Jesus. O Lord, permeate through every level of government in Iran.

July 17:  Please pray for Iran to become an example of true religious freedom for other countries in the region and around the world.  Pray for the next generation of Iran's church leaders and for a spiritual revival to sweep over Iran.

July 18:  Planting churches in Iran is a difficult challenge because of the real danger of persecution. Please pray for protection upon pastors and their families as they face threats and opposition. Ask God to establish His peace among Iranians.

July 19:  The number of Muslim converts risking prison or death by secretly worshipping as Christians in Iran’s house church movement continues to grow.  Pray for God's protection and strength as they face increasing repression in an already dangerous situation.

July 20:  Iranian house churches consist only of about four to five members due to the threat of detection. Pray for Christians in Iran to be built up spiritually, finding strength under persecution. Pray for courage, provision and perseverance.

July 21:  Despite the crackdown on Christians in Iran, there is a growing movement in the Islamic Republic. It is estimated at between 450,000 to 1 million practicing Christians are in Iran. A great number of Muslims are turning to Christ. Pray for safety and peace.

July 22:  Christians in Iran continue to face abduction, execution and arrest. Iran executes more people per capita than any other country, more than 1,000 people since 2014. Pray God brings peace and safety to Christians in the Middle East.

July 23:  Pray for Christians in Iran who are unfairly arrested. Authorities demand excessive bail to cripple the Christian community economically and to delay the release of detainees. About 100 Christians currently remain imprisoned under Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's rule.

July 24:  While Iran has released high-profile Christian pastors from captivity, other Christian ministers still languish in the country's prisons facing the threat of death, lashing and torture. Pray for their safety and freedom.

July 25:  As Christians in Iran continue to be harassed judicially, pray Iran upholds and protects the right to freedom of religion or belief as articulated in its constitution and international treaties to which it is signatory.

July 26:  Pray for three men arrested May 13, in the home of Yousef Nadarkhani, the Church of Iran pastor acquitted of apostasy in 2012.  Praise God, they have been released, but were told they would be "summoned again." Please pray for their safety and for their families.

July 27:  Pray for safety of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani and his wife, Tina Pasandide Nadarkhani. They were detained in a series of raids by Iranian intelligence (VEVAK) officers targeting homes of church members, but were released shortly afterward.

July 28:  Pray for Christians in Iran, as authorities seize computers, cell phones and Bibles. If arrested, excessive bail is demanded, designed primarily to weaken the Christian community economically and delay release of detainees who've committed no crime.

July 29:  Pray the Iranian government is held accountable for its harassment of Iran's Christian community. It is common for Christians to endure constant raids on homes and repeated arrests without basis. It is a tactic designed to foster a sense of insecurity within the community.

July 30:  Pray for Iran to fully honor its constitutional and international human rights obligations by ensuring that justice and equality before the law are guaranteed to all citizens, regardless of their religion or belief.

July 31:  Pray for those working in the various branches of government in Iran. Pray for government officials and intellectuals who are boldly confronting injustice in Iran. Dear Lord, bless them with Your wisdom to serve the people of Iran.