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April 2017

April 1:  Almighty God, we bring the nation of India to You in prayer. We thank You for its diversity and vibrancy. We pray India would be characterized by peace rather than division, so it would become a nation that is safe for people of all faiths.

April 2:  India has seen a rise in religious intolerance since Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected in 2014. Since he and his party, the BJP, came to power there’s been a noticeable rise in hostility toward religious minorities across the country. Pray for the safety of Christians who are being targeted.

April 3:  Pray for the nation of India to become a leading voice for religious freedom. Pray for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who promised his government would give equal respect to all religions.

April 4:  Under India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Hindu nationalism is on the rise, leading to an increase in violence against Christians. Please pray for safety and peace upon Christians facing persecution.

April 5:  In 2008, Kandhamal, Odisha state in India saw the worst outbreak of anti-Christian violence in post-Independence India. Over 100 people were killed and 54,000 forced out of their homes, many of which were destroyed. Pray for survivors of the attack, still waiting for justice.

April 6:  Recently the Supreme Court of India ordered the state of Odisha to re-open 315 cases from the violent Kandhamal incident. Thank God for this action and pray it leads to justice for the survivors.

April 7:  Pray that anti-conversion legislation, banning religious conversions, would be repealed or reformed in India. Pray for protection of activists who are pursuing legal cases challenging anti-conversion laws.

April 8:  Pray for CSW's advocacy team working across South Asia. It’s a huge region with many different concerns. Thank God for this passionate, dedicated team and pray for wisdom and safety.

April 9:  Please pray for the human rights defenders that CSW works with in India. Ask God to bless their efforts to combat targeted and communal violence.

April 10:  Dear God, we pray for violence against Christians in India to be a thing of the past. We ask You to give victims of violence the courage to speak out about their experiences in order to bring justice.

April 11:  Praise God for the living hope which we have through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As we approach the celebration of Easter, let us join together in prayer for the protection of the persecuted Church worldwide.

April 12:  Easter often becomes a flashpoint for conflict in many parts of the world. Pray for peace between different religious groups worldwide, and for local authorities to allow their communities to celebrate Easter in their own way.

April 13:  Pray those who are facing an uncertain Easter will find hope and new life in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Risen Savior.

April 14:  As Easter draws near, we are reminded of the suffering of Jesus. Pray for Christians around the world who are enduring persecution, suffering and violence for their faith in Jesus Christ.

April 15:  Pray for protection against attacks on churches over the Easter weekend. Pray for the Good News of the Gospel to spread, that every person may receive salvation through the love of Jesus.

April 16:  Hallelujah! He is Risen! Love’s redeeming work is done. Jesus triumphed over death to give hope and new life. Praise God! Pray for the safety of Christians as Easter is a time of heightened tension with an increased risk of persecution and violence.

April 17:  Thank God for the living hope which we have through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pray for comfort and strength to those who have lost loved ones because of religiously motivated violence.

April 18:  Lord Jesus, our Savior and King, we thank You for bringing forgiveness of sins and life in abundance. We pray for Your mighty power to be poured out upon Christians facing persecution.

April 19:  Lord, we pray You would comfort Your children who have lost loved ones because of religiously motivated violence. We give thanks for Christians released from prison since last Easter who were unjustly held.

April 20:  Dear God, thank You for reconciling us to You through the death of Your son Jesus. Watch over all those who are dispossessed by their governments and are crying out for justice.

April 21:  Pray for the country of Nepal, which has seen more religious freedom restrictions recently. Pray Nepal's restrictive laws will be changed so its people can choose or change their faith without fear of the consequences.

April 22:  CSW is uniquely placed to respond to the challenges in Nepal because of our long history of work in the country. Thank God for the opportunities CSW has had in the past and pray He would provide more in the future.

April 23:  Pray for safety of Christians in Nepal as it becomes harder for them to practice their faith freely. Pray Nepal’s leaders would champion equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of their faith.

April 24:  CSW is concerned about certain clauses of a bill recently introduced into the Nepali parliament, which are similar to the blasphemy laws in Pakistan, making it a criminal offence to insult another’s religion. Pray the penal code guarantees all citizens the right to choose and change their religion.

April 25:  Pray for Christians in Nepal who are experiencing the effects of the new constitution, which contains clauses restricting religious freedom. These clauses can be used to punish people for sharing their faith.

April 26:  CSW visited Nepal recently and held a training workshop for religious leaders, activists and journalists. Thank God for this opportunity. Pray those who attended are able to use what they learned to help their people.

April 27:  Several participants at the training workshop in Nepal went on to carry out local and international advocacy to raise their religious freedom concerns. Pray their work will have a deep, far-reaching impact.

April 28:  CSW's recent training session in Nepal for religious leaders, journalists and activists, showed them how to document human rights abuses so they can be presented as legal evidence. Thank God for this opportunity and pray for safety of participants.

April 29:  Religious extremism is a real threat in Nepal. Pray for Christians who are endangered by the culture of impunity, a situation where people believe they can commit crimes without punishment.

April 30:  Thank God for the interfaith work between Christian leaders and leaders of other faiths in Nepal. Ask God to strengthen the Nepali Church to be a witness for God’s glory.